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Amazon is now branching into the e-commerce shopping cart business with Amazon Webstore. The webstore platform is set up to be an integrated shopping cart solution such as Shopify or Big Commerce, except with less control. Read on to learn more about the feature of Amazon Webstore.

The Amazon Webstore

Amazon Webstore seems to be aimed at newbie store owners with little experience in e-commerce. Because of this, a lot of Amazon Webstore's traits my scare away savvy webstore owners. For instance, Amazon only charges $25 a month + a 2% transaction fee for unlimited products and bandwidth, which initially seems pretty cheap. However, Amazon charges an extra 2.5% to 2.9% of total sales on top of the transaction fees. If you make $10,000 a month in sales (which is pretty reasonable for someone who would need unlimited products), your monthly shopping cart fees are now $275 + $25 + 2% per transaction. Compared to other e-commerce platforms, this is pretty expensive.

What about Amazon Webstore Product Management?

Exporting and importing products is not particularly easy with Amazon Webstore, as they only allow you to import them via Amazon's data feed system. Other shopping carts allow you to upload products via a CSV file or a variety of methods. Amazon even requires multiple templates for different classifications of products and UPC requirements.

Designing for the Amazon Webstore

Amazon Webstore's design features are nice, but overly complicated. You have the ability to add dozens of widgets, and the interface is extremely cluttered. It gives you a lot of control, but it isn't easy to use. The Webstore also lacks FTP implementation, instead using a built in file management system.

Amazon Webstore and Search Engine Optimization

Google search any branded product and Amazon will probably scream towards the top of the search engine rankings, so you might think Amazon Webstore would have equally top-notch SEO. So I decided to look at a major company’s webcart who is using the Amazon Webstore just to see how SEO friendly this cart is.

Unfortunately, we found all sorts of problems with Amazon Webstore's SEO, including:

  • No H1 Tags
  • No H2 Tags
  • Use of Meta Keywords
  • Old and depreciated code
  • Tables and Nested Tables

That was just the home page. Also, URLs aren't customizable. This is what a URL might look like for your category pages.


And for the product page:

“/Portfolio-Case-MOTOROLA-XOOM-trade/dp/B004M8RWCK?ie=UTF8&id=Portfolio Case MOTOROLA XOOM trade&field_product_site_launch_date_utc=-1y&field_availability=-1&field_browse=2952940011&searchSize=12&searchNodeID=2952940011&searchPage=1&refinementHistory=brandtextbin%2Csubjectbin%2Ccolor_map%2Cprice%2Csize_name&searchRank=salesrank”

Shorter URLs that make more sense will rank better in search engines. Most shopping carts will let you customize your URL to something simple and nice like:


Final Thoughts

We love as customers, but Amazon Webstore is pretty lacking. Without basic features like customizable URLs and the ability to upload products via CSV file, we can't recommend Amazon Webstore to anyone serious about starting an online store. Not only does Webstore lack important features, it also costs a lot if you make any significant amount of monthly sales. A total newbie who's only starting a store as a hobby might like some of Webstore's features and entry level prices, but a real business owner should look elsewhere.

Marketing Your Amazon Webstore Website

Contact us today or call 888-275-5301 for help marketing your Amazon Webstore website. Response Logic is an Ecommerce Marketing company specializing in SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click) marketing, and SMM (social media marketing) for online stores. We've helped hundreds of ecommerce stores take full advantage of the web and have experience working with every major ecommerce platform.

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Questions & Comments

From: jack
5 years 2 months ago

amazon review

when was this review done?
From: Debbie
4 years 4 months ago

My experience

I just quit my Amazon Webstore after one month, not a single sale. Very discouraging after spending many hours setting it up. I marketed it using social media and I have 120,000 Twitter followers. Something seemed to be technically wrong with it, but not sure. Anyhow, I can't afford to pay for a store with no sales.
From: dale gribble
4 years 1 month ago

F-Amazon, but this article is garbage

You sound like a dude who's girlfriend cheated on him with Amazon and you are angry and bitter. And I hate Amazon. Just thought you should know if you want to convince people something sucks, try not being so obviously biased to begin with.

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