Functional Website Design
With Marketing In Mind

Our development team works hand in hand with our marketing department,
so our websites are optimized for sales and look great.



Responsive Design

Responsive websites are built to function well and look great on all sizes of screens so that customers enjoy visiting your website on any device. Responsive design isn't only about adjustable screen resolutions and automatically resizing images; it's a whole new perspective on design. Every website we build is set up to function on small and large screens, tablets, smart phones, and any other device.


The importance of functionality and usability in websites can never be over-emphasized. Websites that are difficult to navigate or have too many barriers between customers and purchasing products suffer from lost potential. In the modern world, internet users are less forgiving about clunky websites. Luckily for you, our web developers are experts in usability. From navigation architecture, to shopping cart set up, to lead generation, our developers and designers know how to build a website with optimal usability in mind.

Conversion Optimization

At Response Logic we care about the performance of our websites. Using Google Analytics and other web tracking programs to determine conversion rates, we are able to redesign or retool a website to perform better. The process of conversion rate optimization is often overlooked by web developers who only focus the look and feel of the website. Every website we build is optimized to maximize conversions and perform as well as possible while still looking great.

SEO Friendly

Response Logic initially entered the world of digital marketing as SEO professionals in 2006. Now we've progressed into web development, but we still cling to our roots. Our web development team also does SEO for a variety of clients, so they have the experience to incorporate on-site SEO into your website at all stages of development.

Social Media Friendly

Websites that make it easy for visitors to share content with their social networks consistently outperform websites that don’t. Multiple studies show a high correlation between social media signals (shares, likes, etc) and improved organic rankings. In addition, social media shares and likes help increase trust with customers. At Response Logic we build websites with social networking and branding in mind, even if a large scale social media marketing campaign isn't in the plan.